Meet the Baker!

The Libbys Photo and FilmsHi, I'm Abby! My love for baking started when I was young... there was something so satisfying about following directions perfectly (type A, am I right?) and ending up with a beautiful masterpiece. Going through high school and college my love for numbers took over. I graduated from USM with a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting, got married to a handsome fella, became a Certified Public Accountant, and adopted a crazy but adorable lab mix puppy, Maverick. Fast forward to summer of 2020, being in three of my friends weddings and throwing a bridal shower was just what I needed to pique my cookie making interest. After the first couple of sets for my friends and family, I was hooked. It wasn't until a high school classmate of mine placed an order that I really gave this cookie making business careful consideration, and well, the rest is history!